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Single-Molecule Magnets (SMMs)

Molecules with a large spin, but also simple complexes of transition metals, lanthanides and actinides, can be used to store one magnetic bit per cubic nm or less. CorniaGroup works on the design of novel, better-performing SMMs, on the incorporation of SMMs in single-molecule devices and on their organization on surfaces or into supramolecular assemblies. Click here to know more...


Techniques: chemical synthesis (inorganic, organic and metal-organic), NMR, UV-Vis, IR, mass spectrometries, X-ray diffraction, EPR, magnetic measurements.


Ongoing Projects: "Molecular nanomagnets on metallic and magnetic surfaces for applications in molecular spintronics" (FIRB-MIUR); "Ferromagnetic metals in molecular form: chemical synthesis and physical properties of magnetic nanostructures with metal-metal bonds" (FAR-UniMORE).


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Laboratory of chemical crystallography

Since over 20 years, CorniaGroup masters X-ray diffraction as a key tool for the structural characterization of crystalline materials of organic, inorganic or metal-organic nature (excluding macromolecular species). It offers both scientific collaborations on selected topics and a cost-effective X-ray diffraction service as a joint initiative with DSCG and Centro Interdipartimentale Grandi Strumenti (CIGS).


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